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A 3D virtual presence platform for connection and collaboration.

Technical Designer

  • Building level design tools

  • Spatialized audio and collision design

  • Level and UI programming


Level 11.png

Side by Size

Top-Down Puzzle Game

Rank 61st out of 5,729 entries in GMTK Game Jam 2021

  • Player health changes alter the level

  • 21 individual levels

  • 48 hour development window


Joint Temporal


Retro Puzzle Platformer

Rank 28th out of 5,413 entries in GMTK Game Jam 2020

  • Robust 2D character controller

  • 30 individual levels

  • 48 hour development window

BotB 5_7_2020 7_22_21 PM.png

Beware of the Blob

3D Puzzle Stealth Game

UCSC Capstone Project

  • Level and puzzle design

  • UI and UX design and testing

  • Cute body-horror crafting system

  • Environment scripting

H-Fuse Screenshot 2.png


Retro Inspired Shoot 'em Up

Top 200 rank in GMTK Game Jam 2019

  • Classic shmup gameplay with a twist

  • 48 hour development window

  • 3 Color art style

Origami Screenshot 4.png


Co-op 2D Puzzle Platformer

3 Week Project

  • Designed all 16 Levels

  • Stop motion animation

  • Origami environment art

Cat Walk 3.png

Cat Walk

Casual Cat Fashion Browser Game

Extra Credits Game Jam 2019 Submission

  • Programmed inventory

  • 100 hour development window

  • 48 clothing items

Screen_6 (2).png

Bomb Bot

Puzzle Roguelike about Domestic Terrorism

GameBoy Game Jam

  • Procedural generation

  • Moral risk/reward system

  • GameBoy aesthetic


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